Sunday, May 27, 2012

Small Town Living

 Living in a sparsely populated area in Southern Saskatchewan, this vet has done something I have never done before - that is to have vaccination clinics at the neighboring towns.  I brought a trusty table, all my drugs and transformed each fire hall into an examination room.  Over two days this drug dealer visited six towns. 
In the last town, it was noted that the town hadn't been that busy since the last vaccination clinic. Examinations were done in front of the post office on main street.  Fir Mountain is not even a one horse town - the horse left many years ago. Many houses are left behind, but only one family still stays within the town...and they don't have a dog.
After the annual vaccination clinic, the end of the week came and Mankota had it's annual rodeo.  There was a lot of rain over the week, so the whole rodeo had to pack up and go to McCord to their indoor arena (town hockey rink in which it hasn't seen ice in ages since there is not enough kids to play hockey).
Chris and I went and took in the rodeo.  Every man and his dog was there (and where were they for the vaccination clinics I may ask?)
I am not sure why they call it tie down roping, but when I grew up it was calf roping - but I will be politically correct and call it tie down roping.
 Mothers who did not like their children very much allowed them to go in the wild pony race.
 The can chasers were out in full force.
 Lots of team ropers went through - unfortunately, the holes were too big in the ropes since many steers got away.
 The last event was the bull riding.  Talk about taking the bull by the horns and getting a job done.
It was nearly Edmonton and the CFR all over again - I stayed very close to an exit just in case the bull did puissance jumping. 
The first rodeo of the season was over, and my rodeo is about to commence - a rodeo of travelling to dog trials.  First will be down to North Dakota to Slash J and the Big One - these trials are in my back yard.  After that, we will whip up to Drayton Valley for an arena trial, with a small stop at Stettler to pick up a pup (since we have the urge to fill every kennel in the place), and the Alberta tour will end with me working in Nanton for a week-to pay for all the entry fees. 
Hold on to your hats - we're going for a ride!


  1. If I had known you did vaccine clinics we probably could have kept you in business doing one on our farm and we wouldn't even have to bring in outside dogs!

  2. I hear you - when my dogs need vaccinating it is a clinic in itself!