Monday, May 28, 2012

CSI - McCord

It was a wet, dreary day, and I came home from find death of my rose bush.  Only a few days ago it was full of red roses, planted with dreams of big beautiful plants in a month's time.
 Not one, but two bushes were destroyed in this heinous crime.
 On close inspection, it was found that this bag of dirt was tampered with.  Were the culprits trying to bury the evidence?
 Around the corner this was found - a patio table smashed to smithereens.  It must have been one hell of a fight.  Calling cards were left around the debris.
Adding up the evidence, it added up to....four.   Four delinquents were responsible for the ravaging that had taken place.  The ring leader was the one who uncovered their hiding spot, since he was wearing a bell.  The suspects were caught and questioned without mercy....but they weren't talking. Their lawyers have been contacted.
Previously the four hombres had stayed nicely in the tampering of the corrals was noted.   I found out that a certain individual had seen them out of the corral, but did not have time to put them back. There certainly may be a murder in McCord in the near future. 


  1. I have a white rose bush you can have to replace it

  2. Thanks! I think they like color so maybe they will leave white alone!