Saturday, May 5, 2012

Move On Girls

When the spring grass come, the sheep and cows say yes, the grass is greener on the other side. The ewes made it their mission to squeeze under any any gate they could to get out of the corral into greener pastures. They must be like a mouse - if their head can fit, the whole body can get through.
Before they can go to their summer pasture, everyone must get ready, most importantly, Jenny.

Jenny with bells on and a new lamb skin.

An ass working on an ass.
 The pasture that the girls get to go to are inhabited by two elk, thus there is an elk fence, a fence that would keep even the smallest of lambs in.  And hopefully the coyotes out.
The Welcome Wagon

Jumping off the bus.

The kids jumping of their small bus.

Jenny and her troop.
 The sheep were interested in the elk, but the elk were a little snobbish
 The snobs looked at the girls from higher ground
 With the girls off to pasture, there was another job to do, send off Dolly Parton to market.  Dolly (note her size DD boobs) had quite a large bage as well as a large attitude.
 So large in fact, that this unit had to be used to move her. 
Some people have prods to move cattle - we have the big guns.  Come to think of it, a gun is what Dolly really needed.
As the days go by, more animals are being sent off to pasture.  Sometimes things go off without a hitch, sometimes it feels as if a hitch comes unhooked.  With a recent rain, the roads around these parts become greasy-sticky, muddy - and one day Chris set off with a load of cows and calves to the field.  After 3 hours, I and my nephew Jimmy went to find him - alas I forgot the camera, but you can imagine my gut rolling when I saw the liner teetering off the side of the road, and Chris nowhere to be found.  Jimmy and I tried to pull out the liner - with no success.  My tingling spider sense told me to go to the neighbors to find Chris - and there I found him with Doug and his tractor.  Now the neighbors is about 5 miles away, so Chris had his exercise that day.  You may ask - why not use a cell phone?  Well, there is no cell service, and there were no trees to get wood to make a smoke signal so Chris had to walk.  In any case, the liner was pulled out of the ditch, the cows and their calves were put into the field, and Chris finished three more loads with no problems.
Here is hoping the rest of move out is not as exciting as that day.

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