Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bees Weren't As Busy As Me

Well, I would have to chalk this weekend as a whirlwind.  It started on Thursday, when I went up to Peter and Pam Gonnet's place to vaccinate a few dogs (29), and after that feat was done, they took me to supper at a place I had never entered before - a Casino.  Whoa, the bright lights, the dinging of bells - reminded me when the police pulled me over from coming home from the dog trial last weekend!  After supper, I put in $10 in a slot machine - should have cashed out at $8.50 but Peter forced me to continue to press the button.  That will be $10 for someone else (probably the next guy who used it). 
The following morning I made my way to Saskatoon to sit in a class regarding the Canadian Food Inspection Agency qualifications to be an accredited veterinarian - basically it was a class to teach us how to draw pictures of horses and take blood for Coggin's testing.  I learned some interesting tidbits - Canada is the highest exporter of horse meat to Japan, and in California they milk camels-apparently it is good for diabetics.  Who knew?
The next day a visitor from Ontario came to the ponderosa to work dogs - Cathie Vodden.  She had a full sister to Floss named Jill that she was working, and a housemate called Rue.  That day we worked the doggin' sheep at home, and apparently we really hurt their feelings because the next morning they were nowhere to be seen. 
That was not to stop our training weekend, we went to our big flock where they were pastured.  First there was a few tails that had to be docked.  Gin was the chore dog of the hour.
 The Border Leicesters were glad they didn't have to go through the procedure again.
 Cathie was my gate for the alley - the Scotties appeared unimpressed with the change of their Sunday routine.
 After the chores were done, we shed a few sheep and then did some training.  I had brought Mitch, Floss and Gin.  Mitch has a problem with making a proper outrun, and stopping when he is told - my great nursery dog is going to do wonders this year.  I wonder if he will figure it out.
 He probably ran a few miles during the sessions.
  I do believe a light popped in his head by the time his training was done for the day.  Hopefully that light bulb won't burn out.
Here I am in my training gear - I wished Naomi Shields was taking a picture of me - Cathie knew how to use that zoom button all to well.
 Floss was put through her paces - and her pace is quick so that was one thing we worked on.
 A little shedding, a little look back and a little pace was obtained.
 I sat back and watched Cathie work Jill, and it was like watching Floss - fast and furious but still wanting to listen.  I am not sure if Cathie would miss her if I put Jill in one of my kennels.  She probably would.
After we finished, we headed back home-to the smell of fresh bread.  Chris the cook had made a loaf before he went to work in the field.  As I was chowing down on a piece of warm bread, he came in the door, needing my help to get the tractor unstuck.  I changed from my dog training hat to my vehicle towing hat and pulled him out. Chris went to a neighbor's branding, and I was called out to check on a sore horse, so I quickly put on my vet hat and toodled out the door.  By the time I got back, Cathie had walked my dogs and cleaned my kitchen.  It was too bad she couldn't stay longer - she made a great maid.
A thought crossed my mind to take it easy tomorrow, but the dogging sheep are still missing, and I would like to put in a garden in tomorrow.
Who was the idiot who only put 24 hours in a day?

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