Thursday, May 10, 2012

Have We Gone Quackers?

In moving to Saskatchewan, we not only became part of the taxpayers of the province, we also became members of the Saskatchewan Stock Dog Association - a good group of members (and I am obliged to say this since they asked me to sit in on as president of the club-and by the looks of Stacey Rosvold I may have to be kissing some babies really soon!) 
This past weekend we went to Regina to participate in the Pet Expo and to spread the good word about the border collie.
 It was a one day affair, and even though there was a downpour of rain outside, many families came to see what the thing was all about.
 The police dogs were out.
 There was many things to see, such as cats.
 Face painting was part of the afternoon-I do believe Regina has the best face painters in the country.
 We had two demos to do, we did the first one outside, and it was weather fit for a duck - they almost had to have hip waders as well.
 Our second demo was within the Conexus Centre - on the fifth floor.  I do hope they can get the duck crap out of the rug.
 Gin and Chris Jobe's ducks (thanks Chris for letting me borrowing them) were a hit with the kids.
 A few volunteers were asked to move the ducks about - the ducks thought they would stop and make a speech.
 Gin ended up helping the kids move Daffy and the gang.
 Floss also did her debut of duck herding.  A very strong dog is required to move this dangerous type of stock.
Floss practiced her penning for the upcoming ASDA trial that would be held the following weekend.  A 10 point pen was achieved. 
 A brace competition was then done.
The day ended and the ducks and dogs were packed up and we headed home.  A few conversations were held, and I do believe there may be some spectators at upcoming dog trials this year.  Who knows, one day the Hilltop Trial at McCord, Saskatchewan may become as big as the Meeker Classic. We will strive to do this, one duck step at a time.

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