Saturday, May 26, 2012

First You See Them, Then You Don't

This Lil' Bo Peep has lost her doggin sheep
And doesn't know where to find them.
I've left them alone, and they haven't come home
....the coyotes have probably devoured them.

This Lil' Bo Peep has found her doggin sheep
I guess the coyotes didn't find them
They left them alone, and they came running home
After they had slept in the quonset in the a.m.

Last week with my visitor from Ontario, we had made the sheep very unhappy - to the point where they had disappeared from the ponderosa - vanished into thin air.  I had looked every day, along the creeks, and in the few bushes that are around.  As I went to work I stopped at every rock pile to make sure they were rocks and not the escape artists.  One day I thought I had found them mixed with some black Angus cows, and just about went into the ditch when I stopped.  But alas, they were only their calves - (they were Charolais cross calves so they were off white in color).
After 5 days of being missing, I accepted the fact that they were likely gone for good, and Wiley Coyote now knew the taste of sheep all too well. However, luck was to be on my side - Chris went into the machinery shed (which is a mile from home) and found them - the biggest sheep trap in history!

They are back with the rams - and I have no idea why they would want to have left these handsome fellows - perhaps they just wanted a girl's getaway.

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