Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Few More Sleeps

Even though it just felt like yesterday when Thelma (Chris Jobe) and myself finished our trip from Meeker, Colorado, it will be only a few more sleeps when this Louise ventures out to have an adventure in Klamath Falls, Oregon for the USBCHA Nationals.  I hope that it will be uneventful in the terms of vehicle mechanics - last time I was out there, there was a small thing about a transmission, which ended up in myself renting a van and packing my 13 dogs and then heading back home with the Princess herself, Louanne Twa (and travel partners Lisa Wright and George Stambulic) when a lemon transmission was placed into Geek the Jeep.  I do realize from the trip from down south not long ago that citrus is not allowed across the border, so there should be no lemons driving across this time around. Grapefruits, however, are optional. Dora the Explorer, please don't explode on me!!
Last week I worked a few days at Mankota, and ended the week by going to the Val Marie Rodeo - the oldest CCA indoor rodeo in Canada. And for some trivia, Val Marie is the home of Brian Trottier - an NHL player from the mid 80's and won a few Stanley Cups along the way.  Nowadays, he plays guitar in his sister's band - yes, some pictures will be forthcoming.   Chris, our nephew Jimmy and I got there early, so some required beer had to be consumed.  Tis a tough life I lead.
The last few days I have been working in Nanton, Alberta - the vet is off for a bit recovering from knee surgery - he is now a full fledged bionic man with two new knees.  I have very capable help at the clinic, each is very astute in their observational skills - well most days that is.  Here I will protect the name of the innocent - Lorna, ooh damn, I mean Enid had checked a cat in for a spay, and was surprised when a counterpart noted that it only had three legs.  Yes, very capable help indeed.  However, in her defence, a three legged cat can still act like a spitfire with eight crazy legs when it wants to get away from an injection.  I am sure she can even climb a tree if she wanted to. 
As it turns out, I am only running Gin at the finals.  It does not feel right only taking one dog on this trip, so Floss, Gin's daughter Kelly and Tranna (who may pop some JRT pups down south) and expectant father Willy is coming along.  I may be coming back with a few more by the time I go to the promised land (I promised Chris I would be back home on October 3rd).  After the finals, I may turn around and go back to Alberta for the ASDA finals - yeah, driving 22 hours to get back to work for the 3rd and work a few days and head back west - I think Exxon should be my sponsor this year.  If I don't go to the ASDA finals, I may head the other direction to my mom and dad's for Thanksgiving - at the moment I am teetering on going back to my birthplace and some turkey.  The week following that is Maple Creek's trial and then the following week is a trial in Thelma's back yard.  Then the following week I am planning to go back to Calgary for a course - it is what we vets have to do you see. On a side note, I went to a seminar last night and learned some very important information.  Isaac Newton discovered the cat door.  Yes, really!   But back to my travel plans - Farmfair in Edmonton is planned the the weekend after.  I do believe I have convinced Chris to come with me on this trip.  I will probably end up driving no doubt.  As he says, it would be better if I drove since there is a permanent ass groove in the driver's seat of Dora.  The Western Canadian Agribition is also on our list this fall as well.
The adventures carry on.


  1. I believe another famous person spent her early years in Val Marie. In fact, she is even mentioned in this blog!!

  2. You are right Penny. I spent my first couple years of my life in Val Marie. In fact my grandpa received a CCA lifetime achievement award at tho years rodeo.

  3. Don't forget the famous Joanne Zoerb is from Val Marie too!
    are you going to shave your head at the finals this year?

  4. Haven't had a haircut in a while - perhaps I should!