Sunday, September 30, 2012

What A Day!

Whew, I will need a holiday after this holiday.  The semifinals were today, and the crew did a great job putting out a challenging course.  As well, there was a webcast over the waves, and I even got my mug on the old internet as well - technology is great, but I am sure it still added 10 pounds to my face.  It was nice to hear that District 10 came in 2nd for the team competition (by 5 points) - yes, we are just that good.  Whip the Americans in the War of 1812, and just about take the team award as well - couldn't get much better than this - oh, but it can.  After the day's running, and all was said and done, out of the nine Canadians that ran in the semifinal, six were able to come back for the finals - Scott Glen with Don and June, Pam Boring (first time!) with Mirk (once again, I think it had to do with the enema I gave him), the Amazing Amanda with Monty and Roz, and Bob Stephens and Pete (been at Nationals 12 times, and this is first double lift).   WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!!  In the evening we had a Calcutta, and a group known as the North of the 49th had planned to purchase Scott and Don - I was the bidder for the group.  Alas, it was too rich for us, and the other group put up over $1300 for the privilege.  It was certainly a blast having that bidding war!  After that, a dance was had, and we cut the rug dancing all night.  I am sure there are a few pictures about of the stellar dance moves on the floor.  Now it is time for a quick sleep and get ready to watch the finals.  It has been such a tough job, but someone has to do it.  I think I may need Advil for my knees tomorrow morning - my head is quite alright - for a change!


  1. Nice to meet you!! I'm waiting (not patiently) for JRT puppy pics!!!!


  2. don't forget to add the one American who joined your gang of the north for the calcutta! Honorary Canadian thru her dogs! Tess is Canadian bred!