Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Pack Goes South

The trip down to Klamath Falls, Oregon started early this morning.  With a google map in hand, and 8 dogs in tow - all packed into Dora, we started out early this morning.  Why all the dogs? Well, Gin will be the one running at the finals, I brought Floss along on the off chance she may cycle so that she can be sent with her new beau, and a greater off chance that she may get to run, Kelly is along for some bonding, Tranna the JRT should be near whelping, so I didn't Chris to have to bother with her, Willy the JRT is along since he has got it in his mind that when I am not home, it is a sign that he can bother the sheep, and then there is the hitchhikers - Tia and (her puppy) Kopper - to be brought down for Hope Dennis.  I will tell you this, if I have to clean the kennel of Tia too many times, the daily rate may just go up for hauling her.  Note to self, if I ever transport a dog again- ask if the dog is kennel trained.  At least she is quiet - Kopper not so.
Crossing the border was uneventful - no, I don't have weapons (just wait, I forgot about the necropsy knife behind my seat - do we have a right to bear arms or is that bare arms?), and I don't have $10,000 - but maybe I will if I win the lotto 649 tonight with the ticket I bought at Frank's Slide (of which I will owe the lady at the till some if it is a winner since I promised).
As I got closer to Kenewick, I watched Dora really closely- I was hoping the vortex wasn't there that sucks up vehicle parts like transmissions.  Looks like it was elsewhere - namely in Claresholm, Alberta where it appeared to suck Louanne Twa's tire off of her trailer.
We have stopped at Madras, Oregon for the night, and won't be too far from Klamath Falls in the morning - I think I may do some sightseeing tomorrow - or heck, some shopping.  The first thing on the list is paper towel and rubber gloves.  Mr. Kopp - you owe me big.

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