Monday, September 10, 2012

Thelma And Louise Do Meeker

Meeker, the place where puppies are separated from the dogs.  There were a few dogs that turned into pups at this trial, and some people like Thelma (Chris J.) and Louise (myself) also found that strawberries are not innocent (never trust fruit). Before the trial, Louise planted a (hopefully)lucky loonie in the middle of the shedding ring- hopefully the Canadians would rise to the occasion. Louise's dog Gin ran the first day, finishing with a huge score of 55 (no pen) and that would be good for ninth for the day - the old wise one - Stormy Winters said that that score would be good enough to forward into the semifinals - time would tell.  Thelma ran her dog Jill and got a score of 63 (winning her best pen) and her Fly got a 48 (without a pen or shed).  Louise's Floss had a grand time on the first part of her outrun, so Louise ran out to meet her.  Rose Fisk came to visit and some wine was consumed and that night there was an art show of all the potential posters for next year.  now with an art show there is also the complimentary drinks that are included.  Louise also extended that to the fruit that was in the sangria-which packed more than a fruit punch.  After the fruit was consumed, Louise made it over to Stormy's and she and Dennis Edwards tried to solve the world's problems.  If Obama and Steve want to know the answers, you can call them anytime. As the days continued, Louise's day was full of judging-making sure the judge Andrew Dickman was not blind like other judges.  He seemed to have had his eyes cleared by the opthomologist.  Thelma and Louise adid a few demos using Daffy and his friend over the days.  Louise also helped exhaust with Lise Anderson-and had an exhausting competition-whereby Floss won hands down the Meeker Exhaust Classic.  There was some grumbling about the judging of this Classic -hey, Lise, take a (horse) pill-you have some in your vet kit.
After the third day, the writing was on the wall- it would be a score of 60 and higher going ahead.  The loonie seemed to work for a few Canadians -the Zoerbs each getting one in, the Gellings each having one in, the amazing Amanda Milliken and Thelma would each carry on with one.  A handler's supper was had, and the owners of the Do Drop Inn (Randy and Val Dye) as well as the foreigners (the Bassons) and the Crazy non-Canucks (the Warner's) sat with Thelma and Louise.  Some lamb was eaten and magic was watched (now if he could make twenty pounds and disappear that would be amazing). The was also an arena trial to be done - and pounds of dirt was carried back home.  Louise and Rose Anderson was part of a team affair-but Rose's dog did not play fair, taking Louise's commands- which ended up in more dirt in places where the sun didn't shine. 
The top fifteen would see only three Canadians go to the end - the Gellings and Amanda would go forward.  Once again, Louise would offer her help in exhausting -a quite exhausting job trying to stay  awake.  A clinic was seen as all pairs ran -sometimes a shedding clinic, sometimes a judging clinic.
In the end, the lucky loonie would be lucky for Faansie the Foreigner, and world solver Denis Edwards would have the Reserve title-perhaps a toonie should have been used -you know, inflation and all.  In any case, the loonie was dug up and given to the foreigner, handlers packed up and headed out.  To think- all of this fun will be had again in only a few more weeks at Klamath Falls during the National Finals.  Oregon could not handle both both Thelma and Louise, so Louise will be on her own-but that won't prevent any adventures from not happening!


  1. Our group hold high hopes and loose dollars. Yep-we are your loving sponsors at the Nationals. Good luck. :)

  2. Onward and upward... We do appreciate the updates!

  3. Onward and upward... We do appreciate the updates!