Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Happens In Klamath Falls.....

....also happens in McCord, Saskatchewan.  So, I missed a day of blogging, and you will soon understand why.  I woke up from a lovely sleep at the Day's Inn, and let the dogs romp a bit across the road at the fairgrounds, then it was off to the trial field - I had a training date with Gin in the morning, and walking the course and such would be later on in the day.  I quickly met up with the Princesses - Louanne Twa and Lisa Wright and had a morning coffee before I toddled off with Gin and had a training session.  One dollar a minute was the cost, but when you have been on the road for awhile, it is money well worth spending.  After the session, the day was to resume - a trip to the Big R was done with the Princesses and everyone came back with something.  After this we went off for lunch, and as we were looking for a restaurant, we came across a crime scene at a parking lot - cop cars, flashing lights and a geriatric walking over the chalk line -well, maybe no chalk line, but the elderly lady didn't seem to worry about walking through the scene - maybe she saw the lights and thought it was a blue light special.  After lunch we bought some groceries and beverages (particularly wine, in which Princess Lisa chose due to her experience in fancy labels -the bottles purchased were Flirt, Promis-Q-ity and Menage d' Toi- hmmm, have to watch that princess).
After getting back to the trial field, the gypsy camp was getting larger, and around the Princess Palace, the Canadian content was getting thicker than a night of watching CBC - the Zoerb's, Lee Lumb and husband Brian, Brian Nelson, the Gellings, the Pink Mountain girls (and Lowell) and Amazing Amanda - all who was left to arrive was the Glens - who were still on route.
The open trial was set up, and people walked, and walked, and walked the course.  For the Canadians, a special something was put in the shedding ring - hopefully it will give some luck for some.  The handler's were all greeted by the committee with finger foods and wine and beer.  This is where my helping ways kicked in.  Apparently most handlers did not like wine - and I hate to see things go to waste - so we filled up our nice goblets that were given to us (plus other goblets to have a set of 4 for the Princess Palace) and then continued to do wine tasting at the Holmes P lace (they lost the a on their new to them trailer).  Stephanie Garake was there as well, and during the gathering, also gathered a couple of fellows in a truck, who I have no idea who they were, but when the Liberals were mentioned they floored out of the Holmes Away From Home Home On Wheels.  Stories were told and giggling happened (yes, that was me with the cackling on the west side - sorry fellow gypsies).  I have found out that I have people that will look out for me - now, I did not become a Stormy Winters and fall under a mobile home and get stuck, but I did want to curl up under the pivot and have a nap. Allison made sure her dog did not pee on me - although she probably would have let him me bury me.  A little Flirt and Promis-Q-ity, but no more for the Princesses (and Jester) was to be consumed (thank God, because if the third was consumed I think I would have forgotten more than I have - that Alzheimer's a pain).  Princess Twa went to bed early, and Princess Wright ensured I made it to bed.
I was up and at the crack of dawn, but couldn't find my glasses - thus the blurry part of the story.  I managed to walk my dogs (I think they were my dogs) and when the Princesses stirred from their slumber (because of the peas I stuck under their mattresses), the first day of running would start for the open.  I watched quite a few of the runs, and then had a second day at the training field.  The training sheep had learned in quite a limited amount of hours how to leap over fences and get back to their comrades - so I decided that would be the last of the sessions - the Princesses and their nursery dogs came to the field and they too saw the leaping gazelles.
Princess Wright had to have a rest midday, but I had crappy matter that had to be addressed. Pam Boring from Pink Mountain had a dog that needed an enema.  No shit - but that was rectified (rectum, damn near killed him) when I was able to bum a syringe from a vet on site. Yes, once again, the mileage call will be very expensive - pack up your bags Chris, we now have a Pink Mountain Ranch.  Crappy long drive though.
One more lucky planting had to be done at the nursery field for the Canadians - their day starts tomorrow.  The line was walked and the Princess have burned the line in their minds. 
The first day of USBCHA Nationals 2012 is now over - it feels like I have been here a week already.  Like my dogs, I will have to learn to pace myself.  That'll do Wendy.

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