Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thelma And Louise Go To Meeker

After a day of working sheep-that is putting in little devices in parts unknown to have the girls
cycle (I will have a picture of them on their BMX bikes at a later date) all at once so that we can have an explosion of lambs in the new year-I packed quickly and put on supper for Chris and nephews Jimmy, Mathew, and Chris, as well as niece Ashley and her fiance Jason, and Jimmy's squeeze Melissa (hope that I cooked enough for them). I then headed off to Jamie VanRhyn to help her Jody pass over the Rainbow Bridge.  After which I drove to Chris Jobe's-my soon to be traveling partner to Meeker, Colorado for the dog trial that goes on every year.  Now, I haven't been to Meeker for many years, in fact, I had only been there once before-but I think I will remember the sheep.  They like to chew up your dogs and spit them out-all before ten o'clock in the morning.  After a quick sleep, Thelma (Chris) and Louise (me)  set out down to the States-stopping to declare our contraband articles-including a grapefruit, in which the border guard forgot to take-but made Thelma cut off the green parts off of the peppers, and took her lime-I guess that will mean no Corona for us now.  We stopped at Havre and did a little shopping at my favorite store-The Big R-the Macey's of the west.  Crossing over some road construction, Thelma was a little bit anxious, and did not wait for the green light on the highway.  She passed the motorist in front of her who was waiting for the green light (whose name was Fowlrs) and we carried on through.  Suddenly the road became a single lane of traffic OVER THE BRIDGE.  My guts kind of went into a knot - not because of the Chinese food we had, but because we couldn't see who was coming from the other direction.  I did not want this to be my Rainbow Bridge.  We safely got across, and soon after the Fowlrs whipped on by saluting us - not to sure why he was upset-we would have been the ones upset at the bottom of the ravine if we had met oncoming traffic.  The first night we stopped just short of Sheridan, Wyoming at a campground- where we were given a free ice cream with a night's stay-thanks Linda and her husband Honey-don't worry, we will call you if we have a party.  Thelma has let me the use of her Ipad to write this blog, and this Louise is about to toddle off to bed - I must get rested for the ongoing adventures of Thelma and Louise!

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