Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thelma And Louise Arrive Meeker Without Hitting A Cliff

A very good breakfast was had at Marianne's, whose husband had made eggs and gravy and biscuits.  I had asked for the recipe, knowing my Chris at home would enjoy this breakfast daily (something to stick to the ribs...and butt if eaten too much).  I was told the secret recipe...go to Walmart and buy the mixes - guess we will have to get to Walmart now.   After breakfast we watched Marianne work a couple of dogs - and it looks like we will be coming home with one (no Chris, it is not for me...Thelma is taking it).  Thelma (Chris J.), I and Maureen stopped in Craig and shopped at Murdoch's - yet another farm store.  Just a few things were bought, and then we made the rest of the way to Meeker-without flying over any cliffs.  After filling up with water, we got to the field and we set up camp - and this Louise learned a few things about setting up a trailer - leveling is very important to keep the fridge working to keep the beer cold.  As the day wore on, more handlers found their spots to call home for the next few days.  We got reacquainted with old friends.  Some old friends got confused with new friends.  Jim (Notso) Swift saw Randy Dye and said "Hello, Stupid."  Now, Randy and Jim had never met before, and Randy, being called worse, did not take offence.  Apparently, Randy and Ron Enzeroth look alike -since Randy was called Stupid several times by several different handlers - or perhaps they knew more than I.  I had met Ron this spring at Joni Swanke's trial - I do not recall myself needing him to call him Randy, nor Stupid.  I guess if you looked at their bellies you could get confused between the two of them.
In the afternoon we were able to have a quick training session with the dogs - Isla, the lady with the sheep, remembered my name, where I was from, and what I did - yikes, I guess I had made a huge impression on her.  After our session, we went back home and prepared a shared supper between Maureen, Mr. and Mrs. (not Stupid) Dye and ourselves.  Salmon, squash and veggies were on the menu...and some after dinner drinks.  Dennis Edwards and Sue Knoll stopped by after supper and some visiting was done.  The next day would be another day of rest before Wednesday would come along for Meeker to start.  Tents and toilets galore - we were ready for Meeker - but would Meeker be ready for us?
Sleep was had, and the next morning we lazed until we went back to the training field with Stupid...oops I mean Randy, Thelma and myself.  After we were done, I scammed Thelma's bike and thought, if the dogs had to have exercise, I may as well do it as well.  Riding a bike is just like....riding a bike - you don't forget.  I whipped into town and went to the library - where I am now, finishing up this blog.  There was a note at the door, inviting us to meet Books the Library cat.  After I meet him, I think I will take another tour around town, and then ride uphill back to camp.  Damn, thought I rode uphill to town....reminds me of my ancestors going to school....uphill both ways -by the time I get back, it will likely feel like I went uphill both ways.  Suppose I should pop a few Advil when I get back to camp...or meet up with Emil Ludeke and grab some DMSO (a great thing for horses that you can't get anymore in Canada) from his stash and rub my knees with it.  Guess it wouldn't be so bad, I do like garlic (which if you don't know, you will smell like when you absorb DMSO).  Or maybe I should take a more natural route of pain killers - barley and malt.  Yes, I think that is the prescription of this week.


  1. OK, I am officially tasking you (OK, asking you nicely) with getting a picture of Randy Dye and his doppelgänger, Ron Enzeroth!! Ideally, they will be together in the same pic, but if they MUST be separate, well so be it!! Good luck -- with the picture and the trial.