Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's A Wonderful Life

Sounds like things are wonderful at home while I am out on the road.  Whenever a bell is heard, a ram is using his dingaling.  By calculations, by the third weekend in February, we should be overrun by lambs - hopefully that happens.  We synchronized everyone this year, and the new Scottie ram (Sean from Ontario) was introduced to the best looking western gals this side of Manitoba - but then, we all are good looking this side of Manitoba. 
Looks like a few more mouths to feed were born - Jill and Cap had their young ones - four of them - and not without some worry.  This morning I got a email message saying there is a 911 call for me to call home.  There was a text on my phone asking that I call home.  At the time, I thought maybe Chris was needing me to call to tell him how much detergent to put with the clothes, but that was not the question (for future, it is only to the top of the line, not to the top of the cup).  The concern was that Jill had only one pup and was not progressing.  A quick lesson on whelping was done on the phone, and a shot of oxytocin, and she shot out three more pups.  As Jill was popping out pups, I was popping into some scenic stops.  From a 1926 bridge over a canyon, to a remains of a volcano, some wildlife (okay, they were only chipmunks) to spectacular water falls - I saw more of Oregon than I thought I would.  There are a lot of trees - couldn't see the forest for the trees though (what does that mean anyways?) 
The dogs travelled well, the hitchhiker Mia did loads better today, not dumping any loads in the kennel.  We got to Klamath Falls in the early afternoon, and the dogs got a long deserved stretch at an empty lot close to the hotel.  After, I stopped by the restaurant next to the hotel, and almost had to become a dog catcher - I and a few other patrons watched as this little chihuahua was playing along the yellow dotted lines of the street.  I left the restaurant (no, I did not dine and dash - I was in the middle of dining) with the intentions of scooping the waif up - but by the time I got out there, he had disappeared.  The patrons had told me when I came back that a car had come in, opened the door and he jumped into the vehicle.  Thank goodness - I am not sure where I would have stuck the little bugger - I guess I could have tied him to the top rack I suppose.
The plan is to get some sheep time tomorrow at a practice field - knocking the kinks out of Gin that seem to develop as she rides long distances.  Who knows, I may see a little more of Oregon as well.  Maybe I will see a forest.


  1. Get the rust out of the pipes Sean and prepare for some labour of love. Hope it takes some of the fat off yer butt with the workout.
    Best wishes from your former owner.

    P.S. Your new replacement arrives yesterday from the USA- welcome Archie!!