Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thelma And Louise - Day Number Two

The morning started well, leaving the campground in good time.  Lots of diesel in the tank, we would get to Casper and fill up and carry on to Meeker.  Or so we thought.  The famous Low Fuel signal came on, indicating a fuel injector problem (because we running low on diesel), and we were still 25 miles away from Casper, Wyoming.  At mile sign 219 we pulled over and talked to Tony (Brad Pitt - and unfortunately I did not take any pictures of this young boy candy - but let your imagination run wild).  Ah, but things happen for a reason - brunch was had on I-25 and Lena the traveling Yorki had a bath as we waited for the AMA fellow to come with some diesel so we could carry on with the adventure.    "Is your name Brad?, I asked as the fellow arrived to our unit.  "Nope, it is James."  James, Spames - put the rocket fuel in the tank and let's carry on.  We were quick to get out of there and we got to Casper and filled up the old Ford.  Over hills, and over dales we went, and pushing a wind from the west, we saw multiple police units on the road (who I waved to enthusiastically).  We stopped a few more stops to fill with diesel and we decided to stay overnight at Marianne Saasak's place at Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  A fine Chardonnay was consumed as I wrote this blog, compliments of Maureen Robson (who also allowed me to use her IPad , propped up with the contraband grapefruit from the previous day) and we visited with Jan - who had the pleasure to lamb out at Thad Buckler's in the springtime.  The adventure will continue in about 12 hours when we will find our final resting place at Meeker, America.

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